To preserve and promote the natural beauty is our goal. The Rosa Graf beauty range

was developed by cosmetic pioneer Ms Rosa Graf in the 1920s. At that time, Rosa Graf was in charge of one of the first cosmetic schools in Germany and manufactured products to her own formulations for the particular requirements of the specialised Professional Aesthetician.


Give your skin a chance! We have an innovative skincare programme for you to improve your skin structure visibly and immediately.

The formula is acalled: Rosa Graf Fory+ to counteract the initial signs of hormone induced ageing.

The quality and condition of your skin change over time. When cell division slows down and cells are not renewed so frequently, we refer to "demanding” and "mature” skin. Before and during the menopause, the body produces fewer female hormones which has a significant effect on the skin. It loses its elasticity and becomes thinner and more wrinkled. It has been shown that hormones from plants, so-called Phytohormones, have a similar balancing effect to the body's own hormones, without the familiar unpleasant side effects.


T-Time Anti-Oxidative

The T-Time care concept is based totally on a natural active ingredient, the extract Chinese Green Tea. Scientific research has shown how the positive effects of Green Tea are a result of the activity of Polyphenols, also called "tannis", in the tea. Palyphenols have a strong anti-oxidative effect. They neutralised certain aggressive free radicals, occurring particularly due to UV rays, but which are also caused by other influences in the environment, e.g. by chemical reactions. UV light is considered to be one of the main causes of sunburn and other skin damage. Polyphenols have repeatedly been proved to provide protection against skin damage due to the sun and other causes. In addition, Chinese Green Tea has been shown to provide protection from bacteria and even viruses on the skin.



Blue Line

Your Skin can Look as young as you feel!

Young skin is smooth and pliable.

Unfortunately, the biological aging-process that starts already at about age 25, brings with it a slowdown of the important cell divisions! In addition, the diverse and adverse effects of the environment influence the youthful appearance of the skin negatively. The BLUE LINE SERIES takes into account the special needs of the demanding skin with its very effective active-care ingredients, leaving the skin's functions greatly enhanced.

The Perfect Combination of Vacuum Sub Dermal Massage + Light Based Technology

The Palm Touch! Is reborn

Working hand in hand with infrared and magenta light properties, the new Palm working heads reveal their full deep tissue massage potential by stimulating the skin to regain its proper form, holding off the dimpling effect of cellulite.


Multi positioning massage head

(1) Softens fibrous tissues Touch)

(2) Reduces endemic exchange

(3) Revascularization

(4) Tones and reduces the dimpling effect


Infrared & Magenta

Lumicell Touch is the only noninvasive apparatus that combines infrared and magenta light with the subdermal tissue massage of the palper rouler technique

(1) Penetrating action of infrared [30-40 mm) and magenta [8-10 mm) light

(2) Effective from epidermis through to hypodermis.

(3) Positively alters cellulite formation restoring cell balance at the adipocyte level

(4) Radical effect on cellulite resulting in a healthier skin


To Treat Cellulite in a New Way, Think Inter cellular Communication

Infrared and magenta light also stimulates the lipolytic activity (fat elimination) in the cell. Adipocyte cells have two hormonal receptors alpha and beta. Infrared and magenta light activate the lipolytic function of beta receptors, decreasing excessive fat in the cell. The light based technology of Lumicell touch naturally brings about proper balance in the adipocyte. It controls cellulite formation at the cellular level, thus reducing the appearance of cellulite on the skin.

The Time has come to see cellulite in a new light

The innovative Lumicell Touch applies light-based technology to the treatment of cellulite. It combines vacuum subdermal tissue massage with the benefits of infrared light (850 nm) and magenta light (660 nm). Infrared light acts directly on your metabolism while magenta light contributes anti-aging properties to cellulite treatment. The Lumicell Touch gives a whole new dimension to the palper-rouler (subdermal vacuum) technique. Sometimes simple evolutions become revolutionary. Lumicell Touch represents such a revolution in cellulite treatment.


Better Understanding Cellulite

Lifestyle, lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and stress all contribute to the production of cellulite. Cellulite - or lipodystrophia is caused by an imbalance between the lipogenesis (formation and storage of fat) and lipolysis (fat elimination) phases. The result is adipocyte hypertrophia which, if untreated, leads to cellulite's signature mark: the appearance of dimples on the skin. If we are to effectively treat cellulite treatment, we must begin in the cell itself.


The Benefits of Infrared and Magenta Light

Light plays a major role in all aspects of life, and the effective control of cellulite is no exception. The Lumicell Touch is the only apparatus to offer the penetrating properties of infrared light and magenta light. Focusing on the core of the cell, magenta and infrared light

Activate beta receptors

Stimulate proper cell functions

Generate collagen growth

Increase vascularity (blood circulation)

Increase lymphatic system activity


Deep Tissue Vacuum Massage & Light

The Lumicell Touch is able to penetrate into the heart of the cell with infrared and magenta light and supports this action with deep tissue vacuum massage. It is the most complete cellulite treatment... resulting in firmer, more beautiful, and smoother-looking skin

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